#127 – A She’s Still There Story with Chrystal – Pt 4 — Chrystal Evans Hurst


Me. Comfortable in my own skin? Hmmm… well I can say that somewhere between the rocky road of adolescence and my fabulous forties, I’ve learned more about myself. I’ve learned what it means to appreciate who I am and the unique soul I have in this world. I’ve learned to appreciate the gift of me.…

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Hip Hop Planet- Rhetorical Analysis

Thank you for this. I’m just discovering Mr. McBride, and now finding you. Good luck in your pursuit to live the ‘writer’s life’.

I'm Just Trying to Write!

High Stepping

Author James McBride, in his essay, Hip Hop Planet, uses many different types of rhetoric to help illustrate to his readers that it is time to accept hip hip music into our culture and to explain why this type of music is such a great genre. McBride’s purpose is to show the history of hip hop and rap through-out the ages and different groups of people. Over the course of his piece, McBride uses many devices such as figurative language, syntax, and diction, to help get his point across to the audience.

McBride starts off the section High Stepping by talking about the first time he heard rap music. He wants the reader to remember how bad the experience was, and for them to actually feel like it was a bad experience, so he uses words with a negative connotation and that are associated with bad or inappropriate…

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More hard-earned wisdom coming through…listen-up and take heart.

Inspirational Vitamins

Hello Queens,

I’m so glad you’re here. I want to share a life lesson with you that wasn’t shared with me. I had to experience some heartache and headache to learn this one, but I’m praying my words will save you some pain….

Ladies, you cannot give a man EVERYTHING for FREE! Take the “Buy One Get One Free”, “Clearance”, and “One Day Sale” price tags off of you now!!!

I have given up so much of myself – inner peace, love, trust, freedom, and wisdom to please someone and I received no refill. I have shared the most sacred part of what makes me a woman with men who have left me feeling incredibly empty. If you have never experienced emptiness, it is not a good feeling. It is a low, degrading, devaluing, unfulfilling feeling that WILL have you questioning your worth. I have given so much of myself…

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